review in italian


An evolution from the great record "Tactiles," from 2003, Ophiuchus Butterfly is the second album by Liberty Ellman for Pi Records. The guitarist has teamed up with saxophonists Steve Lehman and Mark Shim, Gerald Cleaver on drums, Stephan Crump on acoustic bass and virtuoso Jose Davila on tuba. On the inside of the rhythmically driven double baseline accents by Crump/Davila, they provoke an unsuspected sense of diligence to tempo. A CD planned, and dominated by a quirky and at times complex musical language (but after two or three listenings things simplify) The six elements, inspired by Ellman, composer of all the compositions, occupy a balanced space where no one seems to overpower. They navigate through sophisticated multilayered architectures (already experimented with ZOOID and Henry Threadgill), and intricate polyrhythms, all balanced by writing that is both dissonant and lyrical. Within this frenetic whirlwind march the inexhaustible volley of tuba/bass in "Tarmacadam" and "Looking Up", the multi forked lightning of "Ophiuchus Butterfly" and “The Naturalists”, and the vociferous urban uneasiness of "Snow Lips" and "You Have Ears."